Who We Are

LeRoy Youth Football and Cheerleading is committed to instilling the values of leadership, academic excellence, sportsmanship, integrity, respect, and responsibility in our program’s participants.

We encourage the development of these values in our scholar/athletes through organized instruction on the basic skills & concepts of both football and cheerleading, and strive to teach the virtues of accountability, determination, confidence, enthusiasm, and dedication, which are valuable far beyond the playing field.

Board of Directors

The LeRoy Knights Board of Directors consists of a group of dedicated individuals with a strong sense of community and a passion for football and cheerleading. The Board is devoted to overseeing the general operation of LeRoy Youth Football and Cheer and ensuring that every player, every cheerleader and every parent has a fun, safe and educational experience.


We welcome your questions, suggestions and feedback.

  • Martin Biracree, President

  • Kyle Goodenough, Football Vice President & CYFL Rep

  • Alyson Mazerbo, Cheer Vice President

  • Tiffany Goodenough, Assistant Cheer Coordinator

  • Kate Flint, Secretary

  • Danielle Stiles, Treasurer

  • Melissa O'Geen, Insurance Coordinator

  • Sarah Christ, Communications Coordinator

  • Denise Simcick, Secretary in Training

  • Jaime Biracree, Concessions Stand Coordinator